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Gravy Train!!!!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Gravy Train!!!!

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Recent NoFauxxx.Com updates!!! [04 Aug 2008|05:43pm]

The member's section got a brand new make over.

There's a new section of the site in the works, that will be free! It's the Culture section and will include interviews, reviews, music, and free videos and photos! Be on the look out. If you have anything you'd like to contribute, let me know via email: trouble@nofauxxx.com

New video on No Fauxxx! It's hard core, girl on girl, real couple, starring Trouble and her girlfriend Babygirl.

Two new photo updates this week alone!


xoxo Trouble
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News from NoFauxxx.Com! [06 Mar 2008|11:55am]

The No Fauxxx Forums are back up and brand new!!!


As always, the forums are public and free to models, members, and general fans of NoFauxxx.Com. All you have to do is register for the boards. Did we mention free?


Also, if you're in San Francisco, here's two shows you should know about:

March 31st
El Rio, 9pm
Thunder Thighs
Chinese Bookie
live erotic photoshoot
surprise performances
No Fauxxx PRINTS for sale!!!!
Meet Trouble!
only $4-8 sliding scale, to benefit the production of No Fauxxx's first movie!

April 7th
El Rio, 9pm
Carole & Mitzi (Tara Jepsen and Beth Lisick)
The Divine Feud (Trouble's new band!)
live erotic performance
No Fauxxx PRINTS for sale!!!!
Meet Trouble!
only $4-8 sliding scale, to benefit the production of No Fauxxx's first movie!
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not gravy train!!!! but.... [04 Feb 2008|07:54pm]
ok gravy train is great but does anyone know where i can download any/all VIP party boys songs? none are available on their myspace and i can't find any on bearshare and i totally want/need them. thanks!
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Gravy Train!!!! Forums!?!?! [25 Jul 2007|09:43pm]

Why yes.

The Gravy Train!!!! Forums are here!
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[13 Jul 2007|07:53am]

Gravy Train "All The Sweet Stuff" Contest

Enter Here

Gravy Train "All The Sweet Stuff" Contest

Enter by: August 2nd
The Loot:
2 winners will both get a copy of the new Gravy Train Album "All The Sweet Stuff":
Enter Here
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[11 May 2007|02:20pm]

Does anyone know when and where tickets for the Philadelphia show go on sale? I can't find any info about them anywhere?
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[25 Dec 2006|09:25pm]

This question has probably been asked a lot, but where can you find good Gravy Train!!!! merchandise like t-shirts and shit. Besides Badskulls, I already saw that and it's just like one shirt.
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[19 Aug 2006|10:44pm]

i have most of the track names on hunx mix 2, but does anyone know numbers 10, 17, 18, 20, 21, and 23? i've been looking for like a year and still can't find them. actually more than a year. so, i pretty much suck. help?
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SUP [08 Aug 2006|11:18pm]

first off i pretty much love gravy train!!!! lots and lots

anyone know where i can buy a shirt?
there was one with a hairspray can on it that my friend had
i want some soo bad!!

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DiversCite Fest [06 Aug 2006|07:40pm]

Gravy Train!!!! at DiversCite Fest in Montreal, Quebec, August 5th, 2006.
Gravy Train!!!!
10 more photographsCollapse )
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[24 Jun 2006|12:06pm]

In case no one knew, you can watch some live videos on youtube.
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Rad [15 May 2006|07:01pm]

So last January I got to do wardrobe for the fine ladies of Gravy Train. The shoot was for Girlfriends magazine, but they ended up cutting it out... oh well!! Here are some pics.

Photographer: Will Taylor
Hair: Anthony
Makeup: Maria
On Chunx: shirt by Supayana, polka dot tutu made by me
On Funx: dress made by me

I posted a few "behind the scenes" pics in my journal. Check 'em out here!
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46 GRAVY TRAIN!!!! ICONS!!!! [12 May 2006|01:18am]

[ mood | sleepy ]


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[11 Apr 2006|12:48am]

any tour dates coming up? i need some naked junx asap
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[08 Mar 2006|12:24pm]
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[08 Feb 2006|12:56pm]

Ok I know this is off topic but does anybody know what's up with the V.I.P. Myspace? Do they have a working website? The vipupyours.com one doesn't work for me.
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BARBIE BOOTAY TEASERZ [14 Jan 2006|01:36am]


here's what the article reads:
GRAVY TRAIN!!!! makes music for all people – that is, if all people are spazzes, punks and freaks who dig funny music that rips. The band’s second album, “Are You Wigglin?” (Kill Rock Stars) is a major party record – put it on and get ready to get stupid, or better yet, catch their notoriously wild live show. Playgirl got ahold of the male half of GRAVY TRAIN!!!!, 23 year-old guitarist/ dancer JUNX (right) who is also studying to be a Hatian dance teacher, and 25 year-old HUNX (left), who in addition to doing guitar, organ, songwriting and vocals in the band is also a hairdresser and is working on a solo record due out later this year. They may sound hardworking, but these guys know how to bring the fun.

PLAYGIRL: How’d you get your names?
JUNX: I have a rather large amount of junk in my trunk, so that’s why my thename JUNX fit.
HUNX: I got it from being a hunk.

So how did you start getting naked during your live shows?
J: It basically started when I joined the band. One night I happened to down three Long Island iced teas, and voila – crazy live show.
H: Usually it’s by accident when my clothes get ripped off. I kind of enjoy it.

How does the crowd react when you drop trou?
J: For the first three seconds, they’re like really shocked, then they like keep quiet the rest of the song, but then after the song stops they love it. People go nuts.
H: Sometimes they get really crazy, like people ripping off your clothes and grabbing all over.

Does anyone in the crowd get naked?
J: You know, sometimes there’ll be people in the front row like flashing their boobs, and then like sometimes boys’ll come up to me after the show and like drop trou really quickly. I don’t even ask.
H: Yeah, I’ve looked out into the crowd and seen naked parts before and just started laughing hysterically. I love it. It’s funny… I love funny stuff.

How’d you prepare for this photo?
H: Um. We got drunk?
J: Lots of Coronas.
H: I guess I tried to clean up because I was on tour for a month already when we did that. We did them at L.A. at our show so I guess I just tried to like take a bath and look cute.

Well, it worked.

[note: photo and transcription from Alex Retard on the Retard Disco Message board]
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[14 Dec 2005|06:50pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

this chick posted a comment on gravy trains myspace and wrote something about them adding a new member.cant be true can it? look

when r u guys coming back to LA?
and is there really a new chick in the band???

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[02 Dec 2005|06:38pm]

Would anyone happen to now if they are on tour, going to be or where I can find any tour dates?
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[02 Dec 2005|12:07pm]

I just answered the phone with "Titties Bounce" blaring into the speaker.

It was my grandma.

She did not sounds very happy.
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