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here's what the article reads:
GRAVY TRAIN!!!! makes music for all people – that is, if all people are spazzes, punks and freaks who dig funny music that rips. The band’s second album, “Are You Wigglin?” (Kill Rock Stars) is a major party record – put it on and get ready to get stupid, or better yet, catch their notoriously wild live show. Playgirl got ahold of the male half of GRAVY TRAIN!!!!, 23 year-old guitarist/ dancer JUNX (right) who is also studying to be a Hatian dance teacher, and 25 year-old HUNX (left), who in addition to doing guitar, organ, songwriting and vocals in the band is also a hairdresser and is working on a solo record due out later this year. They may sound hardworking, but these guys know how to bring the fun.

PLAYGIRL: How’d you get your names?
JUNX: I have a rather large amount of junk in my trunk, so that’s why my thename JUNX fit.
HUNX: I got it from being a hunk.

So how did you start getting naked during your live shows?
J: It basically started when I joined the band. One night I happened to down three Long Island iced teas, and voila – crazy live show.
H: Usually it’s by accident when my clothes get ripped off. I kind of enjoy it.

How does the crowd react when you drop trou?
J: For the first three seconds, they’re like really shocked, then they like keep quiet the rest of the song, but then after the song stops they love it. People go nuts.
H: Sometimes they get really crazy, like people ripping off your clothes and grabbing all over.

Does anyone in the crowd get naked?
J: You know, sometimes there’ll be people in the front row like flashing their boobs, and then like sometimes boys’ll come up to me after the show and like drop trou really quickly. I don’t even ask.
H: Yeah, I’ve looked out into the crowd and seen naked parts before and just started laughing hysterically. I love it. It’s funny… I love funny stuff.

How’d you prepare for this photo?
H: Um. We got drunk?
J: Lots of Coronas.
H: I guess I tried to clean up because I was on tour for a month already when we did that. We did them at L.A. at our show so I guess I just tried to like take a bath and look cute.

Well, it worked.

[note: photo and transcription from Alex Retard on the Retard Disco Message board]
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